Presenting Testing Innovations at the World Mycotoxin Forum

The leading international conference series on mycotoxins – the World Mycotoxin Forum –  is in the Netherlands this year. EnviroLogix is proud to sponsor this important event and lead the way in “taking mycotoxins to the next level.”

Join us in Amsterdam from March 12-14. Jason Lee, Senior Business Unit Manager, will present a workshop titled Efficient Testing of Multiple Mycotoxins in Grain: Rapid Common Extraction & Run Time on March 13 from 12:45 – 1:45 pm. This workshop could change the way you test for mycotoxins.

When present at certain levels, mycotoxins can have harmful effects on animal health and human health and can negatively impact organizational profitability. Point-of-use testing for mycotoxins is a critical risk mitigation tool. It is very valuable for assessing contamination in various grains, particularly at delivery points and import/export terminals. Multiple aspects of mycotoxin testing procedures can impact result accuracy, which can consequently produce detrimental effects on an organisation’s operational efficiency.

Accurate testing for mycotoxins is critical in assessing the quality of grain moving through the global food chain. This workshop will discuss recent innovations that improve accuracy and operational efficiency by delivering fast and easy mycotoxin testing solutions.

Visit our booth and attend our workshop at the upcoming World Mycotoxin Forum.

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