Dynamic testing solutions for the markets and industries where quality counts.

From the field to the lab, our technology helps you save time and money, reduce risk and gain confidence in your results.

Trait Testing

If your lab is involved in trait confirmation or GMO detection in plants or seeds, you know how fast-paced the introduction and commercialization of GMOs in agriculture can be. EnviroLogix can meet your ongoing testing needs quickly and cost-effectively.
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Grain Handling

Grain storage and handling facilities must screen inbound grains to ensure product safety. However, testing takes time and costs money, and the last thing you want is a line of trucks waiting outside and slowing down the line. You want confidence in your test results so you can make a fair, objective decision when routing loads of grain.
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Grain Milling

Managing risk in a mill can be a tall task with many moving parts. With FSMA regulations in the pipeline, screening inbound commodities has become a priority. But you want to be confident in the results so you can make fair, objective decisions and produce a quality product.
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Ethanol Production

Many risk factors are external in the ethanol industry, like corn prices and energy costs. However, ensuring the quality of inbound feedstock and outbound ethanol quality are things you can control.
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Animal Feed/Pet Food

Every type of feed, ingredient, and destination market carries its own set of complex requirements. Limiting liability and ensuring quality is in your hands, and EnviroLogix offers testing solutions and traceability options to ensure animal health and support your economic success.
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