Company Overview

Founded in 1996 by Bruce Ferguson, joined by a talented and diverse group of experienced immunoassay diagnostic test kit developers as well as extraordinary financial, marketing and sales professionals, EnviroLogix has built on its strong scientific foundation to become an industry leader in the development and manufacture of immunoassay test kits for every link in the worldwide food production chain, from seed to plant to grain handling and processing.

At EnviroLogix, we're committed to providing the most innovative and user-focused diagnostic tests available. Our dedicated and experienced staff closely monitors global issues in food production lifecycles, water quality and environmental safety, and is poised to address diagnostic concerns as quickly as they arise.

Our latest innovation and most exciting new technology is DNAble™ – an isothermal DNA amplification technology, enabling the same sensitivity and specificity as other amplification technologies, without the costly and time-consuming equipment needs. DNAble offers a substantial competitive advantage in nucleic acid amplification, detection and analysis with minimal equipment needs from a simplified sample extraction method allowing for superior diagnostic capabilities when field-friendly testing is a must. Incorporating this technology builds on our proficiency in developing test platforms and understanding of the markets - another example of our commitment to our current and future customers.

We invite you to meet the knowledgeable people and explore the forward-thinking technologies that drive EnviroLogix ahead every day in the spirit of innovation, quality and integrity.

Breakthrough Testing Solutions

EnviroLogix was built on a strong scientific and business foundation that is focused on providing new, innovative testing solutions that best fit our customers' needs. From the onset, our motivation has always been to create breakthrough diagnostic testing solutions that are currently unavailable in the industry.

This focus has made us industry leaders in the development of immunoassay test kits in the rapidly emerging field of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the food production chain. We work closely with scientific industry experts as well as customers to create rapid, accurate, easy-to-use diagnostics to identify transgenic markers in GMOs. The introduction of our QuickStix™ strip testing format paved the way for innovative industry firsts, such as our QuickComb™ and QuickTox™ test strips.

And we persist in looking for new and innovative ways to help our customers protect their investments. As we continue to develop additional tests for GMOs, we are also making inroads into the fields of plant pathogen and biopharmaceutical output testing. Our rare reagents are manufactured in our in-house hybridoma lab, which gives us the ability to rapidly develop and test all new technologies.

At EnviroLogix, we have worked hard to remain a dynamic and nimble company that can move quickly in response to market demands. Yet we also have the extensive scientific and economic resources available to do the necessary due diligence in research, field testing, quality control, and other important areas of product development. We are committed to creating the most innovative, rapid, and easy-to-use diagnostic testing solutions available.

Commitment to Quality

At EnviroLogix, we manufacture on-site every test kit we develop, so we are able to monitor the quality control process from initial test development right through to manufacturing, packaging and delivery to our customers. Our 64,000 square-foot state-of-the-art development and manufacturing facility is equipped for optimal conditions, with features such as separate air handling and humidity control systems, automated and semi-automated manufacturing equipment, and a management team with years of experience in adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and implementation of ISO standards and procedures.

Our commitment to the highest standards for product quality is reflected in our superior product and our reputation for high quality and consistency in all of our test kits. At EnviroLogix, rigorous quality assurance procedures and ongoing quality control are key to our company's, and in-turn, our customers' success.

EnviroLogix Inc.
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