How do I open the DataLog in Excel?

How do I open the DataLog in Excel?

To Save a File:

You can save the DataLog from the QuickScan program as follows:

  • Open QuickScan → click DataLog.
  • Select rows to save as follows:
    • Save the entire DataLog: click upper left corner in grid
    • Or save select rows: scroll on desired rows with mouse, or hold <Ctrl> and click desired rows with mouse. Note: You can save the entire DataLog as a .csv file, but not selected rows. To save selected rows, save as a .scsv file. See Note below on saving .scsv files.
  • Click Save as .csv. This will save your data in Excel format.
    • Look in: select location to save DataLog, ex: folder on desktop, flash drive, network
    • File name: give the file a new name

The saved file can now be opened with Excel. First right-click the file, then click Open With Microsoft Office Excel. The file will open with all data in columns.

Note: the DataLog can also be saved as a QuickScan viewable file. If opened in Excel, however, the columns will need to be manually separated. Follow the steps above for saving a .csv file, except click Save as .scsv in the DataLog. Then follow the steps below to open in Excel.

Opening in Excel

If the file is not separated into columns, use the tool bar to do so as follows:

  • Click on cell “A” above the data (circled in red below) to highlight column A.
  • Go to Data Text to Columns:
  • Select Delimited and click Next
  • Under Delimiters, select the option that separates the data into columns, as shown in the Data preview. In this case, Comma is the correct delimiter. Click
  • Click DataLog will be sorted into columns.

Excel – sorting in Excel

  • Click on all the columns to highlight all of them (A – N shown below).
  • Go to Data Sort
  • In the Sort window, choose the column to sort by (for example, select Analyte to sort by analyte)
  • Click Ok

The rows will be re-organized in order of Analyte.