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Make sure you prepare your mBPW according to the protocol outlined in the Product Insert included with the DNAble Salmonella Media Supplement kit.
Having the mBPW at 37°C optimizes the conditions for the growth of Salmonella. Important Steps for running the DNAble Salmonella Test: To obtain the best results, follow the protocol outlined in the Product Insert.
Contact Technical Support for help with determining the appropriate extraction set for your testing. Ext Set 1 is NPIP certified Ext Set 2 is AOAC certified
The validated matrices are listed here. Please contact Technical Support for more information on limited testing done on additional matrices.
As with any assay, it is important to strictly follow the protocol outlined in the Product Insert.
Contact Tech Support for a list of equipment needed to set up your lab for DNAble testing
The DNAble Salmonella test kit has NPIP and AOAC certification.
Contact Tech Support : TECHNICAL SUPPORT Call Toll-free US: 1-866-408-4597 ext.2 or (207) 797-0300 ext.2
We do not have a designated negative control. You may use either the MB2 or MB3 from the DNAble Extraction Set 1 or 2 as a negative control. See the instructions on Page 1 of the Positive Control protocol.
Before opening the tube containing the dried down control, lift the tube up to the light to make sure the pellet is at the bottom of the tube. You should see a triangular-shaped drop of material at the bottom of the tube. If the dried down material is missing or has detached from the bottom of the tube, call Technical Support: Toll-free US 1-866-408-4597 ext.2 or (207) 797-0300 ext.2 Be sure to use the DNAse-free water to re-suspend the control. Add exactly 65 µL of the DNAse-free water with a calibrated pipette. It is recommended that the following pipette tips (or equivalent) be used for re-suspending the positive control:USA Scientific Catalog # 1120-8810. TipOne 1-200 ul aerosol barrier filter pipet tips, sterile, 10 racks of 96 tips (960 tips) Filter barrier protects pipettors and samples from contamination 50, 100, and 200 µl graduations Hydrophobic filters contain no additives and will not absorb samples Certified free of detectable RNAse, DNAse, DNA, and pyrogens Sterilized Yellow color-coded tip wafers Briefly vortex the re-suspended control to obtain a uniform suspension. Excessive vortexing may compromise the integrity of the control. Record the date the control was re-suspended on the tube. Make sure the cap is secured tightly before placing the control back in the refrigerator. Do not store the re-suspended control in its original pouch, as the pouch contains a packet of desiccant that may compromise the performance of the control. Before using a re-suspended control that has been refrigerated, allow the control to warm to room temperature. Make sure all the liquid is at the bottom of the tube by tapping/flicking the tube. Briefly vortex the control to mix.
The tubes of dried down control and DNAse-free water are stable at 2-8°C up to the expiration date listed on the kit. The re-suspended control is stable for 2 weeks when stored at 2-8°C. Always store the Salmonella Positive Control Kit components at 2-8°C when not in use.
The kit comes with 2 tubes of dried down positive control and one tube of DNAse-free water for re-suspending the controls.